Install a new boiler

When you have a new boiler and thermostat system set up in your home the difference to your gas bills can be astounding. At Forever Warm, we can give you a multitude of energy saving advice and will calculate the size of boiler which will best suit your needs and just as importantly cut you gas bills by a considerable amount. Please see our gas savings calculator.

‘A-Rated’ Boiler Fitted = £340.00 per year saved

With our 10 year guarantee and the gas you will save, it’s a clear choice why Forever Warm is becoming a market leader in the installation of new central heating systems in the Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Yorkshire and Midlands areas.


At Foreverwarm we pride ourselves on quality and measured surveys for our installation teams to follow.

We do not provide over the phone or internet based quotes AS THESE ARE BOTH UN-RELIABLE AND UNSAFE.

new boiler


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Boiler Installation

We offer a comprehensive boiler and heating system installation service.

Boiler Servicing & Repair

We are on hand to help with all repairs and your annual boiler servicing.

Central Heating Flushing

We offer central heating power flushing, for better heat efficiency.

The Right Choice

We work solely in areas local to our installation teams to ensure a quick and reliable service and callout facility.

All our engineers at Forever Warm are gas safe trained and upon completion of your new central heating system will demonstrate the most economical way of using your new system.

All our boiler ranges have in built eco features which lower the gas consumption of your new combi boiler. This coupled with your new thermostat and heating controls will reduce your Carbon Footprint by a considerable amount.

Save Energy

Energy saving tips for your home:

  • Set economic heating times when you are at home and when it is needed the most
  • Always use your gas boiler to heat your cylinder and use the immersion element only in emergencies
  • Try turning your heating down by a nudge or two by lowering the dial or settings on your new boiler
  • Keep your showers to a maximum of 10 minutes
  • Always turn your boiler or thermostat down to minimum when on holiday or at work
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