5 Tips for Boiler Maintenance

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5 Tips for Boiler Maintenance

Taking Care of Your Boiler

As spring approaches and temperatures rise we tend to put less pressure on our heating systems.

Regardless of the type of boiler you have, it is still important to maintain your heating system to make sure it kicks back into action when you need it. Leaving your boiler dormant for longer than a month can impact the whole system itself leading to a loss of efficiency and expensive repairs.

So, to save money on your bills and repairs, here are our top tips for maintaining your boiler:

Off or On

During the warmer months, it’s perfectly safe to switch your boiler off, or for a combi model turn it to hot water only. However, it is recommended that you switch the hot water on for around 10 to 15 minutes at least once a month.

Pipe Insulation

Also known as Pipe Lagging, this will prevent burst pipes in the winter. Hugely cost-effective, lagging is a type of insulation made from glass wool, foam or polyethylene and is easily installed. Preventing frozen pipes is much cheaper than fixing burst ones!

Pressure Up

Check your pressure gauge on the front of your boiler. The pressure needs to be between 1 and 1.5 bar to perform at it’s best. If the pressure is too low, the boiler won’t start and you’ll lose efficiency. If the pressure is too high you’re in danger of damaging the whole heating system.


This is a type of deep cleaning service that focuses on your radiators. Provided by professionals, powerflushing cleans out all the debris built up in the pipes and radiators themselves to allow your boiler to perform at maximum efficiency. It also helps to extend the lifespan of your boiler.

Annual Servicing

Give us a call! As Gas Safe Registered Engineers you can rest assured knowing your boiler is running smoothly and safely. We keep your system up to date with 12 monthly performance checks and repairs.


If you need any advice on the topics discussed don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated advice team or request an appointment.

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