Boiler Controls

At Forever Warm. we supply and install boiler controls to suit our consumers needs and more importantly we match all our control range to the users certain requirements and ease of use. A thermostat is essential and is now a recommendation in building regulations. It keeps your new A rated boiler running efficiently and to a temperature that comforts its end user. We fit thermostats on all installations and can offer a wide range of choices and advice regarding our product range at ForeverWarm.

From phone enabled thermostats to conventional controls we offer it all.

Our Drayton Range are specifically developed to plug into the front controls of our Worcester Bosch Combi Boiler range and due to ease of use and programming have become a popular choice for our customers. They are 7 day programmable with summer and winter quick settings aswell as a thermostat manuel override for the colder months. The thermostat is completely wireless and can be fitted anywhere in your property.

Internet Enabled Thermostats

The MiGenie range from Drayton offer mobile enalbled control of your new heating system including internet connection to all devices in your home. This is becoming a very popular choice for ForeverWarm Customers and due to its ease of use and the scope of its features can be used to control various heating zones.

New Boiler Controls
Internet Boiler Controls