Get a Brand New Condensing Boiler, Installed by Forever Warm Boilers

Vokèra boilers are condensing high efficiency boilers which maximise the heat the boiler generates by reusing some of the lost energy the boiler generates.

Condensing boilers save around 30% of your average energy usage. Government legislation since 2005 now requires condensing boilers to be used for any new gas installation.

The three main types of condensing boilers are:

Vokera Combi Boiler, New Boilers Installed by Forever Warm Boilers

Combi Boilers

Combi (combination) boilers provide heat for central heating and hot water systems on demand. A combi boiler heating system does not require feed and expansion tanks and therefore save lots of space.

Water is fed from a mains supply, which has high water pressure and heats up instantly. If you live in an area that has low water pressure, or if you have multiple bathrooms, a combi boiler might not be your best option.

Combination boilers are ideal if you want to:

  • Replace an existing combi boiler
  • Convert your loft space to create another room, getting rid of your water tanks
  • Hot water instantly, 24/7
  • Make more space in your home

Vokera System Boiler, New Boilers Installed by Forever Warm Boilers

System Boilers

System boilers are installed on a sealed central heating system. System boilers are not ‘open’ to atmospheric pressure and the system is kept within a completely sealed circuit.

A storage cylinder is used in this type of heating system to provide the hot water and central heating. The fact that the heating system is sealed means it maintains the water pressure, making this type of boiler ideal for houses with more than one bathroom, as pressure can be maintained, even when more than one sink or shower is being used at the same time. System boilers are compatible with solar thermal systems also.

System boilers are an ideal heating system to use if…

  • You are replacing an older system boiler
  • You have more than one bathroom/toilet in your property
  • You are in a low water pressure area
  • You want to get rid of tanks from your loft

Vokera Open Vent System Boiler, New Boilers Installed by Forever Warm Boilers

Open Vent Boilers

Open vent boilers are installed on an ‘open vent’ central heating system. Open vent simply means your heating system is open to atmospheric pressure, as opposed to System Boiler, which work inside a sealed circuit. Open vent systems require components including feed and expansion tanks in the loft space. Open vent boilers heat your radiators and hot water.

Also known as a conventional or regular boiler, they more straightforward to have as a direct replacement to another open vent system. Like System Boilers, Open Vent Boilers are compatible with solar thermal.

Open vent systems are ideal if:

  • You need to replace an existing open vent boiler system
  • You have multiple bathrooms in the house
  • You have low water pressure

To find out more about Vokera boilers and systems, and to view full specifications of the manufacturers boiler range, please visit the Vokera boilers website.

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